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18 November 2017

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Aviation Courses»Maintenance, Engineers and Ground Crew»RT - Radio Telephony

Base Station Operators Radiotelephony Training

This aim of this course is to train Base Station Operators (BSO’s) in the understanding of Aeronautical Radio Telephony and in the basic use of the radio to assist and support aircrew in safe and efficient flight operations.

BSO’s are required to undergo a proficiency examination in Radio Telephony and demonstrate that they are competent in the practical use of the radio. This training program is designed to give BSO’s the knowledge required, but also additional information regarding aircrew workload and various other issues relating to the radio communications with flight crew, as well as other flight related subjects. It is designed to provide a greater appreciation of flight related aspects.

Important Note: Information contained in training manuals such as transition altitudes, frequencies etc may be subject to change and manuals should therefore not be used for flight planning purposes. Reference must be made to the valid and official publications issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.

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